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It’s Not Them, It’s You: 13 signs Leadership Is Causing Morale Problems

As a member of the Philadelphia Business Journal Leadership Trust, Mark Zinman, Managing Partner of Zinman & Company, often provides advice and insight. Mark and other business leaders were asked the following: "When a leader sees low morale or high turnover, it’s tempting to blame circumstances or “bad” employees. However, when a negative workplace atmosphere is an ongoing issue, leadership may need to stop looking around the office and start looking in the mirror. If you’re noticing a serious morale issue among your workforce, it might be time to ask yourself, “Is it my team members, or is it me?”

Mark says, "Low morale can result from a combination of poor leadership and poor management. Leaders should inspire the masses by clearly communicating the company’s mission and goals. Managers then guide individuals as they work towards those goals — for example, ensuring an employee’s work is aligned with their skills. If there is a disconnect between company vision and company culture, overall morale suffers."

You can read the complete article on the Philadelphia Business Journal Leadership Trust website.

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