Starting your own business is one of the largest personal and financial investments you will ever make. In order to properly navigate the economic climate, you may be in search of business start-up services to alleviate the logistics of starting your own business. Whether you’re starting or buying a company, opening a franchise, or taking over the family business, you can benefit from trustworthy business start-up advice and accounting services.

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Business Acquisition & Startup: 
Acquiring or starting a new business presents many challenges and opportunities. Getting solid business acquisition and startup advice is the first step. Zinman & Company can help with every aspect of starting and operating your business, including new business valuation, seller and lender negotiations as well as:

  • Business Sector Evaluation

  • Business Valuation Services

  • Business Plan Assessment

  • Start-up Cost Calculations

  • Attorney Selection

  • Legal Entity Selection

  • Federal / State Tax ID Application

  • Sales Tax Collection Application

  • Entity / Business Registrations

  • Business Permits & Registrations

  • Bank Selection & Setup

  • Sales & Financial Projections

  • Funding & Financing Analysis

  • Accounting Software Setup

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

  • Administration, Office Setup

  • Location Selection & Leasing

Business Planning:
Do you have a business plan? A plan creates the roadmap for your success. Zinman & Company’s Business Planning services can help you with strategy, tactics and so much:

  • Strategic Market Planning

  • Goals Setting & Measurement

  • Business Planning & Projections

  • Entry / Exit Strategy Planning

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Cost Reduction & Containment

  • Industry Benchmark & Improvement

  • Process & Procedure Improvement

Due Diligence:
Due diligence is the work you put in before you close the deal. Why, because understanding the nature of your new business helps gather information that can remove many of the risks associated with any business venture. Zinman & Company helps businesses perform the necessary due diligence, saving you aggravation and more. Our Due Diligence services:

  • Business Valuation

  • Financial Reviews & Audits

  • Market Analysis

  • Fraud Detection

  • Internal Control Reviews

Mergers & Acquisitions:
Acquiring or merging a company? Zinman & Company can help. Properly accounting for this transaction can save taxes, find intangible equity and improve the overall value for the transaction. Zinman & Company’s Mergers & Acquisitions services:

  • Financial Projections

  • Due Diligence Work

  • Deal Strategy & Construction

  • Tax & Accounting Structuring

  • Tax Compliance Analysis

Lender & Finance Services:
Are you seeking financing or lending services? Confused with all the banking terminology? Most people are not equipped to handle the complexity of lender services and Zinman & Company can help clear things up. Zinman & Companies Lender and Finance Services:

  • Finance & Funding Plans

  • Debt Structuring & Finance

  • Pro Forma / Financial Projections

  • Cash Management Assistance

  • Location & Negotiation Services

  • Documentation Support Services

  • Leasing Analysis & Negotiations

  • Asset Sale / Leaseback Valuation

  • Property Mortgage Analysis

Business Operations:
Would you rather spend more time running business operations or meeting with customers and growing your business? With expertise and help from Zinman & Company’s Business Operations team, you can free up valuable time doing things:

  • Capital Equipment Planning

  • Management & Staff Planning

  • Business Coaching

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Insurance & Risk Management

Marketing Services:
From competitive analysis to helping you design internet marketing strategies, Zinman & Company can help. We’re thinking beyond the numbers and focusing on helping you succeed. Ask us about our comprehensive set of new business marketing services:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategic Company Positioning

  • Strategic Product Positioning

  • Internet Brand Development

  • Cross-platform Marketing Campaigns

Most new businesses underestimate the importance for solid administration. Waiting to implement solid administration can prove very costly. Zinman & Company can help business startups by providing a roadmap of administrative services and offloading many you cannot or choose not to do yourself. New business administrative services we help with include:

  • Virtual Office Assistant Services

  • Back Office Staffing

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Billing & Collections Processing

  • Financial Statement Compilation

  • Financial Statement Reviews

  • Policy & Procedures

  • New Employee Setup (W4, I-9)

Virtual Controllership:
Zinman & Company’s Virtual Controllership service is the fastest way for a new business to get up and running correctly. These services can include a comprehensive set of administrative, accounting and operational support services like:

  • Total Accounting Outsourcing

  • Administrative Support

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Business Coaching & Advice

  • Collections & Receivables

  • Payroll Services

  • Invoices & Payables

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Management Reports

  • Customized Reporting

  • Financial Statements

  • Tax Compliance Services

  • Tax Advocacy Services

Financial Advisory Services
Even the smallest new business startup can benefit from financial advisory services. Zinman & Company can assist in many ways, and quite often the result is greater savings than would otherwise be possible. Our Financial Advisory services include:

  • Budget / Financial Projections

  • Lender Preparation Services

  • Multi-state tax and Nexus Plans

Financial Planning:
Business Startup financial planning is a cornerstone for success. Cash is critical, and many things that an ongoing business has may be skipped or forgotten. Financial planning may also extend beyond your business into your family life. Zinman & Company can help you take the necessary financial planning steps for:

  • Asset Protection Plans

  • Debt Reduction & Control

  • Family Life, Trust & Estate Plans

Human Resources:
Correctly staffing your new business is a key strategy for success. One person can make a tremendous difference. Helping you find, hire and retain good help is another way that Zinman & Company can help. Other ways:

  • Job Descriptions, Applications

  • Advertising & Recruitment Plans

  • Job Hiring Strategies

  • Benefits Consulting

  • Employee & Benefits Planning

  • Profit Sharing / Cafeteria Plans

  • Fringe Benefit Programs

  • Retirement & 401K Planning

Accounting Systems Setup:
Your accounting systems will be with you for a very long time. Correctly setting up your accounting system is an important first step of managing and monitoring your financial success. Zinman & Company can help you with special expertise to give you the confidence your systems match your business model. Every accounting system we set up takes your unique needs into consideration and includes:

  • Customized Report Setup

  • Accounting System Conversions

  • QuickBooks Solutions & Training

  • Payroll Setup

  • E-Commerce Setup

  • Accounts Payable Setup

  • Accounts Receivable Setup

  • Accounting Procedures

  • Internal Procedures & Controls

Technology Advisory:
Nowadays, technology is critical to any business’s success. Zinman & Company can provide solid technical advice on choosing tools for communications, computers, databases and much more:

  • Communications, Email Planning

  • Computer Equipment & Technology

  • QuickBooks Accounting Setup

  • Technology Planning & Budgeting

  • Hardware / Software Advisory

  • Cloud Computing Analysis

  • Disaster Recovery Assessment

  • Tech Staff Background Checks

QuickBooks Solutions:
QuickBooks is the number one choice for small business accounting systems and Zinman & Company can help. Choosing and configuring the right combination of services can help you streamline your business operations, bill faster and collect more. Before going it alone, you can rely on Zinman & Company for help with:

  • QuickBooks Software Installation

  • Cloud Accounting Services

  • Multi-user Configuration

  • Chart of Accounts Setup

  • Payroll & Sales Tax Setup

  • Credit Card Payment Interface

  • Trial Balance Setup & Testing

  • Monitor Financial Reports

  • Report Customizations

  • Bookkeeper Data Entry Verification

  • QuickBooks Training

  • QuickBooks User Support

  • Remote Desktop Support

Tax Planning & Compliance:
Even business startups need tax planning and advisory services. Properly accounting for startup costs can save you taxes now and in the future. Zinman & Company can help you with services such as:

  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Advisory Services

  • Tax Compliance & Filing

  • Tax Advocacy

  • Tax Return Preparation

  • Tax Return Filing

  • IRS Support Services

Business Succession Planning:
It’s never to early to understand your exit plan, whether that means passing your business onto your children or selling it outright. There are many things to consider including:

  • Exit Strategies

  • Ownership Transfer Valuation

  • Financing Strategies

  • Buyer / Seller Advise

  • Buyer Locater Services

Helping You Establish Your Business

Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Gain back some of that valuable time through business start-up services that allow you to focus your time and efforts on establishing a successful business venture. Get started today by calling (215) 357-2250.