What is Virtual Controllership?


Virtual Controllership Services (VCS) provides hassle-free accounting at your fingertips. It is a highly affordable and scalable solution that supervises and performs your accounting work and tax compliance functions without the in-house accounting hassles. The bottom line is that VCS saves you money and gives you more time to focus on your business instead of worrying about accounting activities.

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  • As Flexible As Your Business

VCS is timely, affordable, and as versatile as your business, constantly adapting to comply with your tax compliance and accounting services needs. For example, VCS includes QuickBooks reporting and a paperless document management system for safe-keeping tax and other permanent records. You also benefit from a comprehensive set of professional business advisory services specifically oriented to the needs of your business. All VCS work can be performed remotely, so you can use more of your office space for growing your business.

  • Unmatched Business Benefits with VCS

Virtual Controllership Services provides all of the traditional bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services you expect, but for a lower cost than hiring and training in-house staff. VCS includes a responsive team of professionals that can advise you on financial decisions and assist with an assortment of internal control and financial challenges. Your VCS team can help with compensation plans, pricing, collections, negotiations with banks and vendors and just about any other business matter.

Available Virtual Controllership Services

Virtual Controllership Services has a comprehensive set of available services to select from. You can choose any or all of the services you need to customize VCS to your business needs.

Best of all, these all inclusive Virtual Controllership Services are provided for a flat monthly fee, so you won’t get a big bill every time you have a question or just need to talk with a qualified professional. If you are ready to integrate this state-of-the-art technology into your business, please contact Zinman & Company today by calling us at 215-357-2250.

Gain Valuable Time with Bookkeeping & VCS

Bookkeeping is the foundation for successful VCS services. When combined with Zinman & Company's thinking beyond the numbers, VCS can save valuable time for your business and employees, leaving you more productive, stress-free and available to cultivate vital business growth. Your business is unique and so are your needs; offload some or all of the bookkeeping tasks; never miss sending an invoice, forgetting a bill payment or balancing your checkbook. So what are you waiting for? Time is money! Get started today and get back your life! Call our friendly staff at 215-357-2250 to learn more about Virtual Controllership Services.


Accounting Management Services

  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting

  • Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Other Supervisory & Oversight

Capital Equipment Acquisition

  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting

  • Capital Expenditure & Lease Planning

  • Equipment & Lease Accounting

Loan & Lender Management

  • Bank & Lender Negotiations

  • Cash & Line of Credit Management

  • Long Term Debt Management

Operations Accounting

  • Full Bookkeeping & General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Accounts Payable Processing

Business Operations Support

  • Payroll Preparation & Processing

  • Billing & Collections

  • A/R & A/P Management

Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements


  • Balance Sheet

  • P&L / Profit and Loss Statement

  • Cash Flow Analysis

CFO & Financial Management

  • Internal Controls & Procedures

  • Loan Negotiations & Meetings

  • Insurance & Benefit Analysis

Advisory Services

  • Technology Advisory Services

  • Compliance and IRS Resolution Services

  • Comprehensive Auditing Services

Year End Accounting & Reporting

  • Expense Capture & Allocation

  • Tax Planning & Analysis

  • Tax Return Preparation & Filings