Accounting / Advisory

Is accounting taking up a costly amount of your time and efforts? Are other areas of your business suffering from lack of attention due to financial paperwork, HR responsibilities, and financial reporting? Whether you are a small or large company, there are solutions! Our full service public accounting firm provides professional tax accountants, bookkeeping, and more for interested businesses and individuals in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

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Accounting Services

Accounting and Advisory Services are an important element to thinking beyond the numbers and can help use your past business trends to navigate your financial future. Professional services like these and others provided by Zinman & Company are an essential ingredient for propelling your business towards the next level. As tax accountants, we understand the importance of gaining perspective about your business based on where things have been. As advisors, we see your potential advantages by carefully planning new paths to help solidify your financial future.


Small and large businesses alike often feel the pressures associated with keeping their own books; there is a full range of accounting services available to help you meet your obligations and achieve your goals. If you do not have an in-house accounting staff, we’ll jump right in and work closely with you. If you already do have an accounting staff, we’ll leverage their skills with supervision that saves time and gives you the confidence needed to make informed business decisions. We do this through our powerful technologies and proven accounting methods, setting us apart from many public accounting firms.

Accounting Services Include:

Financial Statements
Keep your balance sheets and statement of cash flow streamlined and organized for a stronger return on investments. Zinman & Company’s tax accountants provide complete sets of Financial Statements.

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Financial Statement Compilations and Reviews.

  • Balance Sheets

  • P&L – Income Statement

  • Statement of Cash Flows

Financial Reporting
Learn the financial trends of your business to align your company with sound financial activities and bookkeeping to keep you thriving. These financial reporting services include sales analysis, fix asset schedules and:

  • Fix Asset Schedules

  • A/R – Accounts Receivable

  • A/P – Accounts Payable

  • Sales Analysis

  • Lease & Loan Schedules

Payroll Services
Keep your employees feeling satisfied and secure using our meticulous services for payroll calculations and expense processing. These payroll services include timely and reliable processing and:

  • Payroll Calculations

  • Expense Processing

  • Commission Calculations

  • Tax Compliance Processing

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Supervisory Services
Ensure your programs and practices are working efficiently for you! At Zinman & Company we offer supervision and bookkeeping related to all of your financial services and requirements. Supervisory services can be used for QuickBooks and General Ledger Review, as well as:

  • QuickBooks Oversight

  • Journal Entry Review

  • General Ledger Review

Advisory Services

Businesses will receive maximum benefits when accountants familiarize themselves with their business and implement strategic advisory consulting services for successful future financial planning.  Zinman & Company advisory services span all industries including retail, construction, real estate, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, medical, automotive, technology, legal and professional services, and more. Additionally, we provide CFO services, state, local and Federal tax services, and much more.

Unparalleled advisory services from Zinman & Company will help you navigate any economic climate no matter how large or small your business is. For additional information on Zinman & Company’s  accounting and advisory services throughout Bucks County, Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey, please call 215-357-2250.