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How Modern Tech Can Help Your Business

As a small business owner, are you taking advantage of the growing number of new technologies that are available to you? Sometimes, the rate that new technology is introduced can be overwhelming, however, they should be looked at as an important tool that helps improve the overall speed and efficiency of your business.

Marketing is one area that has been greatly impacted by modern technology. Marketing planning software can reduce time by getting everyone on the same page faster. This form of software can create a schedule-like plan that can be edited, updated, and shared with the marketing team at any time as well as help to automate posting on social media. Having a social media presence is almost expected for most businesses. Considering nearly all people are familiar with some form of social media, adding it to your marketing plan can be easy. Also, an added bonus is that most social media platforms are free and offer low cost advertising options in comparison to other forms of traditional media.

Customer service can also be improved with the addition of technology. To aid with customer feedback, small businesses have options. You could create online questionnaires to gain information from all clients after completing your services. Another option would be to implement an online help desk so you can directly help a client with any issue that may arise. To better appeal to previous or prospective clients, you can implement an online scheduling system that allows the client to schedule appointments with your business online. All of these processes will reduce wasted time and create opportunities for you to ensure the client had an enjoyable experience with your business.

Using the cloud and remote desktop applications are another way to increase productivity. Not only can your employees work from anywhere, it can also lead you to having a paperless office; this not only saves money on office supplies, but it’s good for the environment as well.

Here at Zinman, we’ve embraced technology through our Virtual Controllership Services. We strive to provide all our clients with hassle-free accounting services so they can focus on growing their business. Tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and advisory services can all be handled by our staff. And because of technology, we are able to advise business owners in real time. Using our services can save you and your employees valuable time and allow you to focus on your business growth. Call us today at 215-357-2250 to ask about any of our services.

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