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Advice for businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted all businesses, with small to mid-size enterprises facing unprecedented challenges. Over the last few months, the Zinman & Company team has diligently shared important information and advice to these same small and mid-sized business owners. Below are some of the ways that we’ve been able to help our clients through this crisis:

  • Assessment of business finances: Accurate and up-to-date analysis of financial statements yields an overall picture of a business’s financial health, including cash reserves and how long that cash will last in various scenarios. Also, a thorough review of financial reports can help target ways owners can lower monthly expenses plus identify ways to make the business run more efficiently. Note that lowering expenses alone is not an effective strategy for long term business success.

  • Making sense of the CARES Act: The CARES Act was a significant piece of legislation with many tax relief provisions. Some are designed to cut tax liability while others provide tax credits for businesses. It also gives assistance to business owners in the form of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which provides forgivable loans to small businesses. The deadline to apply for PPP loans has passed, but many businesses who received funds have questions on how to apply for forgiveness. We continue to keep apprised of the latest guidelines issued by the Small Business Administration.

  • Other small business financial assistance programs: In addition to the PPP program, businesses may be eligible for other aid given through state and local programs. Our team educates business owners about available programs, eligibility criteria, and assists with application preparations and submissions.

  • Advice on how to adapt to market changes: Many businesses have had to adapt their business models; for example, some restaurants have ramped up their takeout and delivery options in order to compensate for a decrease in in-house dining. Retail businesses have been able to move online and offer curbside pickup for their customers. We help businesses look at the big picture and make recommendations on how to pivot quickly and effectively in this constantly evolving financial landscape, advising on both short term sustainability measures and long term strategic guidance.

There are many questions businesses have during this time and Mark Zinman, Managing Partner, has been holding live Q&A sessions for the past several months regarding the CARES Act and other shut-down related topics. Click here to see our audio and visual library of past presentations.

As the pandemic continues, each business faces its own unique and individual challenges. Now, more than ever, your accountant shouldn’t just be there for you during tax time, they truly should be a trusted advisor helping you navigate through these changes. Here at Zinman & Co. we have always thought beyond the numbers in order to provide tailored accounting and advisory services to our clients.

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