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Payroll is more than just calculating your employee's wages.  Deductions and adjustments such as tax withholdings, PTO accruals, and 401K contributions need to be calculated correctly. Your employees rely on accurate and on-time wage payment. Mistakes can be expensive and time consuming to fix and no one, employers and employees alike, wants to worry about that. 


So ask yourself… are you confident with your current payroll company?

  • Is it too large to truly understand the needs of independent business owners and you feel lost in the shuffle?

  • Are you paying for add-on services that you don't use and don't address the needs of your business?

  • Do you feel you're taking a risk on a small company that might not possess the required expertise and aren't as accurate as they should be?​

Our payroll services offer you the following:

  • The ability to offer your employees live checks, direct deposit, payroll debit card or a combination.

  • A self-service portal to provide employees online access to their paychecks, W2s and 1099s.

  • Federal certified payroll reporting, the ability to track and report PTO, and dynamic & customizable reporting.

  • Peace of mind regarding the accuracy and timeliness of filing and depositing all federal, state and local taxes.

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